How To Create Batch Files For Windows 8

Batch files are one of the best ways to a automate tasks in Windows. You can use a text editor and with the aid of Windows command, you can create batch files for Windows 8 operating system. The inherent disadvantage is that the batch files cannot be pinned to the Start menu or to the Windows taskbar, even though it is very much useful in automating tasks in Windows.

Creating a batch file will enhance the flexibility and productivity. You can rely on the Windows 8 support utility to create the batch file for the Windows 8 operating system. Batch files are used to reduce the amount of time spent on the tasks. By using batch files, you can liberate yourself from the tasks of typing and entering the commands within a file. It will allow the batch file to carry out the commands and help the inbuilt program to accomplish the commands within a predetermined time. Batch file is added to ease the efforts of users while performing regular tasks by allowing the user to setup a script for automating the tasks.

You can create batch files for Windows 8 very easily. All you need is to follow a set of simple instructions to execute the same.


  • Turn on your Windows 8 computer to create the batch files.
  • You can see a list of programs in the startup screen in Windows 8 OS. Go to the Desktop screen. On the desktop screen, press Windows + R keys simultaneously to start the Run  Command box. In the available field, type NOTEPAD. Hit the Enter key on your keyboard. In the Untitled Notepad window, you need to type in all the commands that you need to execute. 
  • When you finish the task, save the batch file by entering the file name within quotes. Make sure that you give the extension as .bat in the place of .txt in the File name field.
  • For executing the batch file on the Windows 8 OS, you need to click twice over it. There is also another option for implementing this. Right click on the batch file while choosing the Run option from the context menu.

In case you find any difficulty in implementing the batch files on Windows 8 operating system, you can get help from our Windows 8 support feature. Your issues will be resolved by the support utility within minutes.

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  1. xcopy source [destination] /e /f /h /j /k /o /r /s /w /y /z

    xcopy C:\filename D:\destination (apply switches)

    So for me it would look like:

    xcopy C:\SDD D:SDD /e /f /h /j /k /o /r /s /w /y /z

    Save the commands in a notepad. Save it with the extension .bat and place a link to it on the desktop. Double click to execute. Quick easy backup of daily work.

  2. @Echo Off

    REM Here is where you type remark - which will NOT interfere with program / file execution

    Start "" "C:\Program File (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15\MSAccess.exe"

    Above script will open MS Access every time you run the batch file.


    1. I have a .bat file which works on win 7.
      I want to run it on win 8 and vista. so can you guide me about any changes i can make to notepad so that it will work.