How To Recover Windows XP Login Password

You may find it hard to log in to your Windows XP account in case you have lost your password. Well, then you are on the right article. Here in this article, I have come up with some simple steps as suggested by our computer support team. These instructions given below will help you fix this issue.

Recover the User Account Password
  • Firstly, start your computer and log into your computer using the administrator password.
  • Then, click Start to open the Start menu and from there select Control Panel.
  • Now you need to select the User Accounts option from the list of options in the Control Panel. 
  • Once you open the User Accounts, you will have the option to Change an Account. Select that option to make changes in your account.
  • Now, select the account that you need to change and select the Change an Account button.
  • Now you can change your password and save it. Make sure that your password is easy to remember and hard to guess by others.
Recover the Administrator Password

If you lost your administrator password, the following steps will help you to recover it.
  • Firstly, restart your computer. For that click Start to open the Start menu and click the Restart button.
  • While your system starts again, press F8. This opens the Advanced Boot Options menu.
  • You can navigate through the Menu using the arrow keys and select the Safe Mode and press Enter. Now you computer will start in the Safe Mode. Safe mode is a simplified version of Windows XP and here you can troubleshoot various problems that are seen in your Windows XP. 
  • Now, open the Start menu and click Run.
  • In the dialogue box that opens, type control userpasswords2 and click OK.
  • Now you can select the account that need to be reset from the accounts tab. Then select Reset Password button.
  • Enter the new password to the Password box and verify the password by retyping the password. 
  • Click OK to conform your password.
  • Now restart your computer and try to log into your Windows XP using your new password.
Now, that was some information about recovering a Windows XP login password in case you forget it. For any further assistance on this, please feel free to get in touch with our computer support team.
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