Support to sync Outlook contacts with Samsung Galaxy S

Recently it has been an android era, with too many good android phones out in the market. Holding an android has become a basic necessity now. With so many excellent Smartphone models, Samsung has lead a successful journey that still continues with its incredible new phones. The Galaxy series of Samsung smart phones has become very popular these days and every 1 of 5 people holds a Samsung galaxy series phone these days.

In 6 months period, from June 2010 to January 2011 Samsung sold about 10 million Galaxy S smart phones. Like all Android powered phones, Galaxy S phones connect the calendar, contacts and email information to a single Google Account. If all of your contacts are saved in Microsoft Outlook application, then you will need a method to sync the details with servers of Google so that you have all your contacts available on your phone.

Outlook tech support instructions to sync Outlook contacts with Samsung Galaxy S

·         To the computer running MS Outlook, Download one of the free syncing applications used to sync the phone and email accounts. You can get the "GContactsSync" application through the website At, you can find the "Contacts Sync" program. The "Google Apps Sync" software is available from for those using a Google Apps account.

·         Install the program that you chose to download. Double-click on the downloaded file to install it and just follow the on-screen instructions to smoothly complete the installation process.

·         Once it's installed, run the program. Enter your Google Account username and password. Select what items to sync between Outlook and Google. For instance, you can sync only contacts, contacts and calendar events, notes, emails and any combination of the items.

·         Select if Outlook will overwrite Google, Google will overwrite Outlook, or if they will reconcile together. If you want to delete and replace all your Google contacts with your Outlook contacts, Set Outlook to overwrite Google. If you want to reconcile the information between the two, choose to sync. This process might result in some duplication of contacts, but then, you won’t lose any information of yours.

That’s all the Outlook tech support you will need, thank you and have a great day!
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