Desktop Alert Feature Of Outlook 2007

Microsoft Outlook comes as part of the Microsoft Office suite, and has a visually clean and crisp user interface. This feature makes it easy to find your way around most of the tasks using this tool. The interesting aspect of this program is that it allows many additional features besides the normal sending and receiving of email messages. Using the Outlook program, you can manage features like contacts, calendar entries, schedules, etc. The alert system is a rarely used but important tool, which alerts you when you receive a new email, or gives updates when the program is running in the background. This desktop alert feature in Outlook keep you informed and allow access to new notifications immediately.
The Outlook alert may get set off when you receive a new email, a task request or new meeting alert. The default settings in Outlook set the alarm on, and so you will access this feature if you have the default settings. If the settings are changed so that the alarm is turned off, or if you wish to bring some default alarm settings into your computer, you can easily bring the necessary changes by following the instructions under Outlook tech support, which are discussed below.


Firstly, you need to launch Microsoft Outlook on your computer. Go to the Start menu located at the bottom of the screen, and select the All Programs option. Further, select Microsoft Office and then click on Microsoft Office Outlook 2007.
Click on the Tools menu at the top of Outlook window, and select Options.
Go to the Email section, and click on the Email Options button.
Locate and click on the button labeled Advanced Email Options in the Message Handling group.
Now select the checkbox labeled Display a New Mail Desktop Alert, to enable the desktop alert.
In the section labeled When New Items Arrive in My Inbox, click on the button labeled Desktop Alert Settings.
You can adjust the alert duration by adjusting the slider in the Duration option, and edit the Transparency option to set the degree of alarm transparence. The Preview button will let you preview the alert.
Finally click on the OK button to finish the alarm settings.
Follow these Outlook tech support guidelines to bring the necessary changes to your alarm system in Microsoft Outlook. If you have any doubts or queries, contact Microsoft Support Center to get further assistance.

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  1. I think outlook 2010 is much better than 2007 and the notification regarding that are much user friendly. desktop alerting software