Windows 8- A Sophisticated Operating System For Advanced Users

Rumours about Windows 8 flaws are rife in social media. One might even doubt whether Windows 8 contains any good feature at all. But, after using Windows 8 versions of operating systems on my computing devices, I have found that it is not as bad as most of the rumours suggest. Here is my short review about Windows 8. If you are tech savvy, looking forward to using an advanced Windows operating system for your sophisticated needs, I endorse Windows 8 to you.

Touch friendly operating system

The key attraction of Windows 8 is that it is touch-friendly. Microsoft has designed Windows 8 to be touch-friendly to suit better with the advanced and sophisticated computing devices. Over the last couple of years, computing devices have undergone transitions. Modern laptops are touch-enabled. You do not have to give the input via the old keyboards or mouse. Inputs can be given directly through the touch-friendly screen of your computing device. This transforms computing into an easy business. Windows 8 operating system appears familiar and fitting in a touch centric device.

Metro User Interface

The touch-friendly user interface of Windows 8 is known as Metro UI. Windows 8 Metro UI is sophisticated and fits well on the operating system. It is different from the traditional Windows operating system. In the previous Windows versions, you will find a Start button on the bottom left corner of your desktop. By clicking on this button, you will get a list of all the programs and applications in your computer.

You can launch any program by selecting it from the Start menu. On the other hand, in Windows 8, there is no Start button. All you have is a Metro UI. The Metro UI features tiles. In Windows 8, everything is represented by a tile. There is even a tile for the desktop. In order to launch a program, users are supposed to tap on the specific tile.

Option for customization

Windows 8 allows you to customize the operating system. If you think that the default features or settings of Windows 8 are not up to your expectations, you can customize it so that it will look more acceptable for you.

Apparently, the features of Windows 8 versions are much more than what we hear from the media. If you are looking for a modern Windows operating system, Windows 8 is definitely the right choice for you. Try it out for yourself.
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