How To Open Yahoo! Messenger With Mozilla Firefox

Yahoo! Mail is one of the well popular free email services that was established in 1997. As of December 2012, it has come to the third place amongst the most used email clients with 281 million active users worldwide.

The instant messaging service Yahoo! Messenger was integrated with Yahoo! Mail on 2009 June, which significantly expanded its operational bandwidth. It allows you to chat and share with your friends and family instantly. Yahoo! Messenger also alerts you when you receive an email, with a box popping up saying you have a new message. You can click on the notification link and open it in your default browser. I think Mozilla’s Firefox will be a very good option for the default web browser on your computer and here are a few Mozilla Firefox support guidelines to accomplish the same.


  • You can start the procedure by opening the Mozilla Firefox internet browser. To do this, double click on the Firefox icon on your desktop. Alternatively, you can click on the Start menu button. Then go to All Programs. From the list of applications available, locate Mozilla Firefox and click on it.
  • Now the Firefox window opens. At the left top side of the window, you can see the Tools menu. On selecting it, a drop down menu appears and you can see Options in it.
  • Select Options submenu. In that, a number of customizations are available and you should choose Advanced.
  • On selecting Advanced, four options General, Network, Update and Encryption will appear. You need to choose the General tab.
  • The various customization features included in the General tab are Accessibility, Browsing and System Defaults. Under the System Defaults option, you can see an option asking whether you would like to make Firefox as your default browser. You need to click on it and Firefox will be set as the default browsing application in your computer.
  • Now try to open a new Yahoo message and see whether it opens in Mozilla Firefox.
Several updates and security utilities are being developed for this browser, which can be easily downloaded. Since it is open source and free, at times the downloads are vulnerable to malware content. Therefore, you have to download your copy of Firefox from a reliable source. For getting further help in customizing or updating Firefox, several resources on Mozilla Firefox support are available online that you can consider.
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