Support To Repair Outlook Express Problems

We all know that the Outlook Express is the email and news client program designed by Microsoft for both home and business PCs. The application comes with the MS Office suite, and provides a platform to handle multiple email accounts. A slow computer can affect an Outlook user adversely. You don’t need to panic when such situation occurs; the below troubleshooting tips will assist you to solve this Outlook Express error.

How to resolve cannot launch Outlook Express Error?
firstly, get the Windows updates from the Microsoft Website, and install it on your Computer. Outlook Express is the part of Windows operating system, so it is important to install these updates for the proper functioning of the program.
Now launch the Outlook application in safe mode. Once it has loaded, go through the  installed plug-ins and Outlook Express mail files, and check for corruption. If you find any malicious email files or corrupted plug-ins, remove them. After doing this, if the issue still persists, proceed to the below instructions.
Uninstall the Outlook Express program and re-install it. Sometimes the loading problem is due to the mismatch in the configuration settings. This can be fixed by uninstalling the program from the Add/Remove program list in the Control Panel section.

Unable to send or receive emails in Outlook Express
This is the major problem reported by millions of Outlook users around the globe. This problem occurs when there is an interrupted or poor internet connection. So firstly, make sure that you have an active internet connection throughout.
Now check out your email account settings and make sure everything is configured properly by comparing with the documentation provided by the Internet Service Provider.
Check your system firewall settings and make sure that no email blocking feature is enabled.

Run Antivirus tool
Scan your system for Viruses, since these malicious files sometimes prevent the Outlook Express program from sending and receiving email messages. Spending your hard earned money for purchasing antivirus software is a bad decision, since a wide range of free security programs is available on the internet.
If the above instructions don’t resolve your issue, send an email message after opening the Outlook Express program in safe mode. If the application works properly in safe mode then you need to focus on plug-ins and malicious emails. Remove these malicious emails to resolve the issue.

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