Software Giant Needs Your Help To Police Trolls On Xbox Live

Microsoft has taken an initiative to increase protection considering the increasing activity of the continuous infamous online presence known as a troll. The software giant is actually requesting us (users) to protect and serve the online environment of their much-admired multiplayer service, Xbox Live. There is a new initiative known as the Enforcement United initiative, in which those who meet eligibility will be prompted to enroll within the initiative. This initiative is actually introduced to mitigate the ever-increasing effects of the online criminal force, which is a troll. Many privileged and esteemed members of the online gaming community will be rewarded with the honor to help curb this menace.

You need to keep in mind that only the highest quality gamers will be actually qualified through strict criteria for becoming a honored and respected ambassador of goodwill gaming. The software giant will ensure that only a group of prefects will be elevated to the ranks of their new Xbox Live behavioral task force.

It needs to be noted that those gamers who are indulging in the propagation and promotion of toxic behavior will certainly be monitored and flagged. The onus of bringing the righteous justice on behalf of Microsoft, will fall on the new ambassadors of goodwill gaming. Toxic behavior or content includes foul-mouthed abusive players, racists, xenophobes, homophobes, fascists etc who will not be encouraged to carry on with their toxic activity, and neither let off scot-free. Xbox Live and Microsoft will not permit or tolerate such behavior and the company will be taking additional steps ensuring that such people are barred playing on the service.

This strict measure of community policing actually comes at the same time when there is a new call to arms against trolls, and the reputation system aimed at curtailing toxic online behavior. This system will be used to pool only the utter worst of the criminal offenders together into online sessions. The new Microsoft Enforcement Ambassadors will aid the reputation system. They will work together for monitoring and tagging players who consistently use inappropriate Gamertags, abusive or inappropriate information in their biographies, or those users who have already been flagged by others for being hostile etc.

The beginner trials for entering in this initiative would be fairly simple. Those who enroll and qualify will then join Enforcement United. They will start out with simple tasks like Gamertag patrols. If they show their effort and work, their opportunities will certainly improve and can go higher within the Enforcement United ranks.

In case you need further information or clarification, then it is possible for you to acquire that information by surfing through Microsoft Official website. For other problems, you can contact Microsoft help line. Microsoft help line numbers are available in their official site itself.
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