Tutorial To Put Your Windows 7 Computer In Sleep Mode

Sleep mode on a Windows 7 PC saves power without you having to turn your computer off and without losing any work. This option cuts the power to your monitor, powers down the hard drive and suspends all functions until you awaken the computer from hibernation.
Follow these set of simple and easy guidelines given below, provided by the excellent Windows 7 help and support, if you want to put your computer into sleep mode.

Instructions to follow

First of all, click on the Windows Start button located in the lower left corner of your Windows desktop. In the lower right corner of the Start menu, next to the Shut Down button, is a button labeled with a small, right-pointing arrow. Place the pointer of the mouse over the arrow and the Shut Down menu will appear on the screen of your computer. Point at Sleep and click on this option. Your Windows 7 computer goes into sleep mode.
Wake your computer from sleep mode by moving the mouse. There may be a delay of a few seconds before your hardware powers on. All of your open programs would still be open and your work would be intact. It would be just as you left it before the computer entered sleep mode.
Configure your Windows 7 PC to go into sleep mode automatically when it is not used for a certain amount of time. Click on the Start button and select Control Panel option. Click on System and Security button and then click on the Power Options button to open a menu. Click on Choose when the computer sleeps and select the number of minutes of inactivity. You can also set a separate time interval to put your monitor into sleep mode. If you set both the options to 10 minutes, then your PC and monitor will automatically go into sleep mode after 10 minutes of inactivity.
These simple and easy guidelines recommended by the ever reliable and efficient Windows 7 help and support team will help you in putting your computer into sleep mode. As you can see, these are simple instructions and you will be able to put your Windows 7 computer into sleep mode within a matter of minutes.

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