Fixing Audio Issues In Windows Vista

Audio Problems are common in Windows Vista and most of these Vista problems can be fixed through the Device Manger.  This article discusses some simple troubleshooting techniques that will surely assist you to resolve audio problems in Windows Vista OS.

Check audio settings in Device Manager

Sometimes the issues that you are experiencing may be due to the imperfection in the audio settings. To fix this, you must log in to your Windows system as an administrator.
Bring on the Windows Start menu by clicking the Start tab that lies on the lower left part of the Windows desktop interface.
Now input device into the search field, and then press Enter.
Look for Device Manger folder in the search result and when located, click on it.
Now choose the option that reads Sound, Video and Game Controllers at the left pane of the Device Manager window.
Now right-click the option labeled sound card and select the Properties tab from the submenu thus appeared. If there is any problem with the sound card, you can view its details under the Device Status section.

Sound Card not detecting

Sound Card not recognizing is one of the common Windows Vista problems and this can be fixed by reinstalling the Sound card.
Click Start, then choose Control Panel tab from the Start menu that appears.
Now, double-click the option labeled Add Hardware in the Control Panel home window to launch the Add Hardware wizard.
Click Start to begin the installation wizard.
Click on the button labeled Search for and Install the Hardware Automatically. When done, click on the Next tab to start the sound card installation procedure.

Audio Drivers

Sometimes the sound problems that you are encountering in Windows Vista may be due to missing of any audio drivers. To fix this download and install the recent sound card driver version on your system.
You can follow the same procedure discussed above to access the Device Manager window.
Now right-click the tab marked Sound Card and select the Properties option.
Tag along the Driver tab, and then select Update Driver option.
Then click on the button labeled Search Automatically for Updated Software. Now Windows will automatically download and install the needful audio drivers.
The above mentioned are the instructions to resolve the audio problems in Windows Vista. You may call up the Vista Support team to know more about audio issues and the ways to fix them.

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