Accessing Administrator Account In Windows Without A Password

The Windows operating system contains many files and settings that are of utmost importance. To make the essential changes in Windows operating system, the account that possesses the power and control to make the required changes is the Administrator account. To make alterations in the registry and other important system changes, the guest account or normal users cannot perform the tasks as these powers are restricted and can only be exercised by the Administrator account.

Children, especially kids, if they access the computer, they can make changes that may affect your work or the system settings. Therefore, to avoid your children altering the settings while using the computer at home, you usually set a guest account or another user account with which your children can access Windows. This is done so that they do not alter the system settings. Only you can make those changes by accessing Windows via the Administrator account. By availing Windows setup CD, without the requirement of a password, you can easily login as the Windows administrator. To do so successfully, the below mentioned Windows support guidelines have to be followed.

Steps to follow
  • Turn on the computer.
  • After a short interval, you will be able to view the desktop.
  • Your computer will have a DVD/CD drive. To the computer’s DVD/CD drive, put the Windows setup CD.
  • Choose the Start button situated at the extreme left side of Windows XP taskbar and the Start menu will pop up. From the menu, choose the Turn Off Computer… option. Select Restart and the system will restart and by availing the Windows CD, booting will take place.
  • For reinstallation of setup files, choose the R key. The copy process will consume some time and you should not press any of the keys on the keyboard.
  • When Installing Devices message appears, tap the Shift and the F10 keys. Now on screen, the Command Prompt screen will appear.
  • Enter nusrmgr.cpl and tap the Enter key. The User Accounts menu will appear on screen. 
  • To access Windows, choose the Administrator account.
  • Now, access to Windows via the Administrator account will be possible without availing the password.
  • The necessary changes and settings can be made according to your choice.
By adhering to the above mentioned Windows support guidelines, the easy access to the Windows administrative account without the need of a password can be done.
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