Anti-Malware Signatures To Continue After The End Of Support For Windows XP

Even if the support has been cut off completely for Windows XP, users can still breathe a sigh of relief. The latest updates in Windows XP say that the users will still be able to use the thirteen-year-old OS with anti malware signatures. Microsoft will continue to give out anti-malware updates for the operating system for over a year even after moving past the support deadline. This means the end to Windows XP help services. Microsoft will continue to provide anti malware engines and signatures all through 14 July 2015. This is according to one of the blogs from Threat Research & Response Blog post.

The same applies to the enterprise users for Forefront Client Security, Windows Intune, System Center Endpoint Protection and Forefront Endpoint Protection. This is as per the report from a staff at the Malware Protection Center. This shrinks down to Microsoft Security Essentials for consumers.

There was a major commotion that Microsoft would totally put a full stop on Microsoft Security Essentials meant for Windows XP. People, who were worried about Microsoft Security Essentials, can now be content with the latest update. Microsoft Security Essentials is important for the system since it shields from rootkits, Trojans, worms and other malware. This software, which is also a successor to Windows Live OneCare, is free and the first line of defense for almost every Windows operating system.

The efficiency of the anti-malware updates with the out of support OS is very limited according to the experts and the analysts. They say that an ideally protected system should be a combination of the latest hardware along with the latest software. They must work together in such a way that they can overcome different threats and security breaches that occur.

These intimidation and threats include organizations well funded to involve in such low-grade activities, which more often control malware automation on a large scale. You can call it a nuisance more than a threat since they are motivated by profit seekers aiming to create damages politically and financially.

Widows XP will no longer be an operating system that is entitled to receive support or updates since the software giant has rated the operating system to be old and threat prone. To make Microsoft’s point clear, here is what you will not get if you are still an XP user- the users will not receive Windows XP help, hot fixes, security updates or any other services related to security of the system.
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