Fixing Windows Live DLL File Errors

Most Microsoft Windows Live Chat Chat System.dll file corruption errors occur due to the corruption of the file or the missing of the same. Since this is an external file and has all chances of going corrupt or missing, the issues arises at any time. One of the reasons for the DLL file going corrupt or missing is due to improper shutting down of the computer. There are chances of DLL files getting corrupt with an improper shutdown. When the DLL file becomes damaged, it will not let the computer function properly and it will throw error messages. When you have such issues, you can look into the support guides available in our Tech support site.

On the other hand, issues with the DLL file can be due to some corrupt Windows Registry files. Broken or corrupt Windows Registry keys can lead to DLL errors that eventually lead to many issues with the computer. While removing a program, only when you remove its associated files from the registry will it be considered as removed completely. When there are some instances of a removed program being present in the registry, it might cause issues on the computer.

When there is a malware or virus infection in the computer, there are chances for the DLL file to become corrupt. A hardware failure is also one of the reasons. When another program overwrites the instance of the DLL file, then it would lead to issues. When another program uninstalls the DLL file by mistake also the issues may surface up. The computer starts to malfunction only when there is a virus in the computer. Hence, it is important to have an antivirus program installed in the computer to avoid such issues.

Instructions to fix the issue
  • You will have to start by Manually Registering the Microsoft.WindowsLive.Chat.ChatSystem.dll file with the help of Microsoft register server. 
  • Next, you have to Repair invalid Microsoft.WindowsLive.Chat.ChatSystem.dll registry entries. 
  • You will have to go to the Recycle Bin and Restore Microsoft.WindowsLive.Chat.ChatSystem.dll. 
  • Run a full Virus Scan in the computer. 
  • Try to Update the device drivers in the computer. 
  • In order to undo some of the changes, you have to make use of Windows System Restore. This will help in undoing any of the unwanted changes that recently happened with the system. 
  • Remove and Re-Install all Windows 8 Pro programs associated with Microsoft.WindowsLive.Chat.ChatSystem.dll. 
  • Execute Windows System File Checker. 
  • Install all the updates available. 
  • Do a Clean Installation on Windows. 
In case you are unable to solve the issue with these steps, call up our Tech support desk for further help and assistance.
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