Support to defragment a hard drive in Windows 7 PC

Over years and continuous usage, the performance of the computer degrades very much. No matter how fast your computer ran, eventually it will slow down giving you a sinking feeling to have lost your old speedy computer. But, no worries, there are several methods through which you can regain the performance of your system as it was when you purchased it. Defragmenting (also called defragging) is one such method.

Defragmenting the hard drive of your computer will speed up disk performance. If you haven’t performed this on your computer for a while, then you are in for a treat. Your Windows 7 PC’s main hard drive is defragmented on a regular schedule automatically. Even so, it is a good thing to defragment your hard drive or removable storage media manually. To perform a manual defrag of the PC’s main hard drive, follow the instructions mentioned below:

Windows 7 support instructions to defragment a hard drive

·         Open the Computer window.

·         Right-click on the hard drive you want to defragment, such as the main hard drive, C.

·         Click the Tools tab in the drive’s Properties dialog box.

·         Select the Defragment Now button. The Disk Defragmenter window will appear. Check the media’s current fragmentation rather than plowing ahead and wasting time defragmenting a drive that doesn’t require it.

·         Select the Analyze Disk button.

·         Wait until Windows checks the defragmentation on the media. In the Disk Defragmenter window, check the Percent Fragmented value by the disk. There’s no point in continuing if it’s zero. Then continue to the next step. You can still proceed with defragmentation even when the drive shows 0 percent fragmented files. Full defragmentation of any media is not possible, so the Windows Defragmenter will always find something to do.

·         Select the Defragment Disk button. Windows will defragment the media. Do not do anything on your computer while the defragmentation process takes place.
·         Click on the Close button, and close up any other windows you opened.

That’s all what the Windows 7 support team advices you to do in order to defragment the media to increase the performance of your computer. Thank you for your time, take care and have a great day!

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