Disabling Digitally Signed Drivers in Windows Vista

Microsoft designed their platforms in order to work in a very good manner and to create fewer problems to the users. That’s why they introduced the Digitally Signed drivers in Windows Vista. Third party drivers, most of them, cause problems in Windows platforms. Third party drivers sometimes causes Windows platform to show erratic behaviors. But the thing is that, not all the drivers cause that and the Third party driver limitation often irritates users. Since signed drivers for Windows are not available for all devices and hardware, relying on Third Party driver – unsigned ones – is the only option for many Windows platform users. The Redmond professionals have purposefully added an option for disabling digitally signed Driver check. Disabling Driver check and installing poor quality drivers can cause Vista Problems.

Digitally Signed Drivers
By default settings, the Windows Vista platform does not install device drivers that do not contain Microsoft’s digitally signed signature. This means that, if the driver is not signed or recognized by Microsoft, you can’t install it in Windows Vista with default settings. This feature helps the platform to protect users from installing malicious unsigned drivers and software. In some cases, there is always an exception and bypassing the driver check becomes necessary for adamant power PC users. To disable the driver check, here are some instructions.


Disabling Digital Driver Signing Enforcement
1. Click on the Start button located on the left side of the Windows Taskbar. Navigate to Programs and then to Accessories in the Start Menu.
2. Right click on the Command prompt option and click Run as Administrator in the drop menu. As an alternative you can type CMD in the Run Text box and click on the OK button. Both the options will run the Command prompt.
3. In the Command prompt window, enter the following command: Bcdedit.exe /set nointegritychecks ON.
4. After entering the command press the Enter button. Now type EXIT and press enter or click on the close button to close the Command prompt window. Now restart your computer.
5. Now open the System and Maintenance option in the Control Panel.
6. Now open the Device Manager by clicking on the option in the left menu.
7. Check for the device, whose digitally signed driver you want to disable and right click on it. In the drop down menu click on properties.
8. In the Driver tab click on disable option.
You have now disabled the driver. But you should reinstate another driver or you will face other Vista problems due to this.

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