Upgrading to Windows 8 – Things you should know

Windows platforms are the most used platforms in the software industry. Microsoft has never let down end users with their software line up. In the Windows platform string, Windows 8 is the latest one in spotlight. Microsoft released Windows 8 in the late autumn. Microsoft has packed their newborn operating system with an array of features, hoping to maintain their monopoly in the software market. The new Windows 8 is striking in appearance and brute in performance. Compared to the rats in market, Windows 8 is a great deal for the end users. With the New Windows 8 support provided by Microsoft, Computing is very easy for Windows 8 users.
Microsoft has never let down their customers in terms of support. They always provide upgrade for old Windows users to the new ones. Case is not any different with Windows 8. Microsoft has provided upgrade facility for Windows platforms from Windows XP to Windows 7. Upgrade option is available in 131 markets and costs around $39.99. The price mentioned here is standard US price and will vary in different markets around the globe. This price is very cheap compared to the upgrade option for Windows 7. Actually, they are providing this option to promote Windows 8 among the existing users. In my opinion, this is the best deal you can get for an operating system. This offer will expire on January 31, 2013 and can be purchased through the Microsoft Online Retail Website. The Market cost for the Windows 8 pro DVD is almost near $70 in the market. This price is low compared to the price of the previous platforms in Windows series.

What are my Options?

The different options for upgrade and installation for Windows 8 is given below:
Users can opt for clean install, for a fresh start with Windows 8.
Users who want to upgrade Windows XP to Windows 8 can only keep personal files unharmed in upgrade; else will be lost.
Windows Vista users can retain personal files and settings when upgraded to Windows 8.
All the programs, personal files and setting does not get affected in any manner, while upgrading to Windows 8.

Microsoft has their hopes in Windows 8. They have decided for a low upgrade price to attract more potential users. Microsoft has launched Windows 8 support in their official websites and lot of external agencies is expected to enter the market in short time.

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