Microsoft To Come Up With An Alternative To Cookies

Everyone using an internet browser would know about cookies. A cookie contains user data related to a particular website, and is stored in the browser. These are essential in figuring out the user’s preferences and web history, making it easier for websites to service them. However, such cookies have now become outdated, with the advent of mobile internet on tablets and smart phones.

Time to replace the cookies

This has come to the attention of tech giants like Microsoft and Google. According to the Microsoft tech support forums, Microsoft is already working on an alternative to cookies. Google gets a big share of its profits from its Google Ads programme. For this, they need to use cookies, and since these are becoming obsolete, the company are also working on a better tracking tool.

Of course, some of the users are concerned about the effects these new technologies would have on their online privacy, and how exactly would this data would be stored and used. The new tracking technology designed for multiple devices like smart phones and tablets would function more like a device identifier than a browser cookie.

When you start to use a new device, you would be asked to agree to a user agreement. You need to read this carefully, as it is likely to contain details regarding how your online browser data would be stored and used. Compared to browser cookies, which were more of a third-party provision, the new device identifiers would be handled by Microsoft, and this would enable users to exercise more control over the data.

This seems to be the new direction the tracking technology is taking. Gone are days of third-party cookies. These days, each tech giant is keen on developing their own technology, which they would use to track and store data effectively. The tracking technologies already implemented by Apple and Facebook are a good example.

Since these cookies are designed to be tracked on multiple devices, advertisers would not be able to gauge user reaction to a particular advertisement or a promotional link if the user switches devices in between – from his desktop to the smart phone, for example.

With all these companies working to find an alternative to cookies, there would soon be many different tracking technologies available for advertisers to track user data. For more information about this technology, visit the Microsoft tech support forums.
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