Trade in data From IE to Google Chrome

The release of the Google Chrome Web browser in December of 2008 was gleefully accepted by many users. Soon, it started displacing many more well-known web browsers off their position as users found it and the brand name “Google” as more enticing. The web browser currently runs on more than 40 percent of the computers across the globe. It’s packed with features that aren’t available in many of the web browsers. A user can import data from his or her current web browser to the newly installed Chrome web browser. This is useful for those who have saved bookmarks in another browser and now wishes to bring those settings into the new browser.
The web browser can be installed on the Windows XP version and upwards and a decent RAM should give it enough cache memory to be able to access websites faster. Google Chrome settings can be modified as per user requirements pretty easily. Follow these instructions to know more about how to trade in bookmarks and other data from your previous web browser to the Chrome web browser. Here, the browser is considered to be the Internet Explorer that comes as the default web browser in Windows.
Go to the "Start" menu and click on it to launch the startup menu which holds the "All Programs" tab.
In the All programs tab, you will be able to access the "Google Chrome" tab to launch the browser on your desktop.
Another way to bring on the Google chrome web browser is by typing in "chrome" in the search box that popes up when you click on the “Start” tab placed to the left end of the taskbar
Trigger the "Wrench" contextual menu that is imposed in the right hand top corner of the chrome window and pick out the "Import bookmarks & settings..." tab to perform the tasks.
From the Google chrome settings menu, scan around for a name portrayed like “Internet Explorer” and pick it out.
Place a tick mark next to the items that you wish to trade in to your Google Chrome web browser. It’s advised to select the following items to replicate the settings of your IE in Google chrome; "Favorites/Bookmarks", "Search engines", "Saved passwords" and "Browsing history".
Trigger the "Import" tab to see of the process of importing data’s in to the Google Chrome web browser from internet explorer.
For additional information’s regarding this, navigate to the support section in the Google chrome support window.

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