Unable To Access Microsoft Help From The Outlook Help Menu- What To Do?

Outlook Users are provided with an option to access the Microsoft Help by clicking the Microsoft on Web option that is located under the Help menu, from where they can easily avail the relevant solutions for their common issues that they come across while working in Outlook. But the problem is that, many users complain that they are unable to contact the Microsoft Technical Support Center by following the above method. This article discusses some troubleshooting steps that you must follow to resolve these issues.
Check your Browser settings
While working in Outlook, you can’t choose the Internet browser specifically for accessing the Microsoft Help; instead your default browser gets opened up. In order to set a browser as your default browser, navigate to its preference or options tab and put a tick mark in the box next to set this as a default browser option. When done, close your Outlook program and launch it again to check whether this has resolved your issue or not.
Check your internet connection
Sometimes the problem you are facing is due to the imperfection within the internet connection like poor or no connection. In such situation you need to reset your internet connection. For this, unplug all the power and network cables to check if there is any loose contact with the connection. Wait for 45 seconds and reconnect it back and turn on your modem. Wait till your system complete rebooting. When done, launch the Microsoft Outlook application on your system and try to access the help option by pressing the Microsoft on Web button located under the Outlook help menu.
Outlook Settings
Check out the connection settings in Microsoft Outlook. For this, tag along the tools menu on the top main menu bar and then select the accounts or account settings option from the drop down tools menu thus displayed.
Locate the current email account that you are using and then select the properties or change option. Now trigger the connection tab and put a check mark in the box near to always connect to this account using option.
Once you finish the above step, trigger the apply button to bring about the changes you have made. Now try to access the Microsoft from the Outlook Help Menu.
If the problem still persists, then uninstall the Outlook program and reinstall it again or avail the technical support for further clarification. Thank you!

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