Microsoft’s Bing Redesign Won’t Be Enough For Invading Google’s Turf

We all know if there is a company that defined search engine and provided what we call the perfect internet search experience, then it has to be Google. No other company has even come near to what Google has achieved in terms of its search engine advancement. The simple Google homepage or search page would you give search results in less than a second, making it the fastest search engine ever.

Microsoft Corporation has been successful in many endeavors, but taking on Google and invading Google’s turf is never easy. Bing was unveiled in 2009 and was slated to give Google some real competition. Though, the Bing searches are considered no. 1 as far as relevancy of search results are concerned, this is not enough to take on Google.

But, the world’s largest software company still remains determined that it can eventually reduce the search giant’s dominance in this multibillion-dollar industry. Now, whether this idea is practical or not, it remains to be seen. Microsoft recently released the next phase of its search engine by totally overhauling the design of its Bing search engine in hopes of appealing more to consumers. Will this be enough? We have to wait and see.

The software giant’s attempts in to the search engine industry indicates once again how today's biggest tech mammoths are increasingly invading one another's turf. What is at stake is the future of a trillion-dollar revolution: mobile. The next five years will determine what will happen in the software and internet world. Since it is now looking obvious that “Mobiles”, “tablets” or “Phablets” are going to become the huge focus for web browsing and to be used as multimedia devices, the future competition would about mobile phones and small devices.

This is an age where disruptive innovation is the trend. The days of paying for costly software upgrades will not continue for long. The brand of Personal Computers will soon be obsolete. According to BusinessWeek around 70% of Americans are already using the technology that is going to substitute or replace Personal Computers. According to Merrill Lynch, it is going to be "a $160 billion tsunami". Computing giants including IBM, Yahoo!, and Amazon are competing to be the first to cash in on this revolution that will eventually kill PCs.

We hope this article have been helpful. For further Microsoft related news, you can go to Microsoft help forum or websites. You would also see some comparisons between Bing and Google there.
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