Xbox One To Get Support For Over A Decade

Just about over a month ago, Microsoft announced that they will be supporting the Xbox 360 all the way till 2016. If that wasn’t enough, Microsoft even revealed how long they plan to support Xbox 360’s, successor, Xbox One.

At the Eurogamer Expo keynote Address, Phil Harrison, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President, explained that the Xbox One will enjoy a “more than 10-year journey.” Starting its launch on November 2013, one can expect Xbox One to get support all the way past 2023.

Microsoft also revealed how they plan to carry out this support feature. It would be using many brand new features and services as well as the cloud service, to keep it in running shape for more than a decade. He also added that they have set up more than 300,000 dedicated servers in support of the launch of the Xbox One gaming console. This gigantic collection of servers will be able to support multiplayer features, cloud processing as well as a wide variety of networking services. With such a huge arsenal of servers, gamers could surely enjoy a lag-free gaming atmosphere.

Those willing to shell out $500 for the Xbox One console this November will also be able to game endlessly without issues throughout the duration of the console’s lifetime, whilst having multiple tools at their disposal. As opposed to the predecessor, which would typically succumb to the notorious “red ring of death”, forcing users to replace the consoles up to three times. Microsoft added that the new consoles comes with loads of new hardware improvements which would prevent any of the consoles getting fried beyond repair. This better work out, because hardcore gamers will probably be logged on the console for hours.

However, seeing the speed at which technology has boomed in the previous decade, it’s surprising that the Microsoft VP believes their consoles can face the changing tides for over a decade. Well if they believe so, then it’s great news for the gamers. Hopefully Microsoft will deliver what they promise. The new Xbox One also has Skype as a chat solution, removing the old Microsoft chat solution, Xbox Live. Xbox 360 users do not need to worry about their Microsoft chat feature Xbox live. This long gap between gaming consoles is an indication that Microsoft hopes to continue the trend of long breaks between console generations. Breaking the pattern, when the new Xbox One gets released, it will have been only 8 years since the first Xbox 360 came out.
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