Convincing A Windows User To Switch To Linux

We all might have experienced first-hand problems with Windows at one time or another. At times, it is horrible with the viruses, BSODs, what all and what not. How many times have we called Windows tech support for help? And how many times the Windows tech support could completely resolve the problem? There are many of you who are using Macs at the moment but we all know Macs are extremely pricey. It is not affordable for everyone. Many people do not know about the other options available. The computer geeks of the world have switched to Linux, primarily Ubuntu.

"It just works" - a famous quote from almost every advertisement for Macs, this is of course true, no doubt about it and Apple has done a wonderful job of drawing us away from Windows, but the problem here is that they act as though there are only 2 options- Windows or Mac. This article will help you with the steps to convince Windows users to switch to Linux.

  • The Linux kernel powers over sixty percent of web properties, actually runs the top 10 supercomputers and also dominates the smartphone market with the Android OS that we all know. When accessing Google or Facebook, you are unwittingly using Linux. So you use it everyday without knowing! 
  • Run an Ubuntu live USB drive. Leave it on for them to try, and then tell them that it would actually run really fast when installed on their PC.
  • You can compare the security for them. Windows is designed in a way that it allows external connections to automatically perform tasks on your PC. What happened because of this is that it sparked the invention of the virus, and basically, the only thing antivirus software does is take that right away from Windows and know and recognize threats. Then years later, the software maker "invented" the infamous “User Account Control”. Macs and Linux are actually designed to avoid and not to allow such a thing. 
  • You can further inform them of WINE, a program for Linux allowing you to run Windows programs on Linux. This may lure them and their favorite feature will be the incredible speed, which they will very much love compared to the Windows system they have installed on their PC. 
So, these things should be enough to convince Windows users to switch to Linux. 
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