Microsoft To Expand Dublin Off-Site For The Euro- Data

According to recent reports, Microsoft has decided to churn out around $230 m in order to add a fourth mega Datahall for its Dublin-based campus. It was announced that the software giant would be planning to add 20 more people to the 80 on-site staff. Along with this, the company also plans to provide temporary employment for almost 380 building-related jobs, which would prove to be a relief for many.

As per relevant sources, this expansion devised by Microsoft would help in adding around 169,000 square feet of IT space to the facility, which would in turn boost the fortunes of the company. Such a significant addition would definitely be a representative of the growth of tens of thousands of additional servers. According to technicians at the Microsoft support services, the firm is also planning to add to the data center to support continued growth in several of its services such as Xbox Live, Bing, Office 365, and Windows Azure etc. Thus, it is clear that the expansion would bring the total available space of the facility to 584,000 square feet, which is indeed a remarkable feat by the company.

Facebook's data center at Oregon, which is said to comprise of two huge bit barns, each covering about 300,000-square feet of IT space. In addition to this, the corporate giant has announced a 50,000–square foot cold storage addition. Now, Microsoft's new bit barn is expected to have a power usage effectiveness of 1.25, and to enable complete tracking of every watt spent on compute, storage, and networking.

According to Microsoft Ireland’s managing director Cathriona Hallahan, "Not only does this highlight the growth in our cloud services business but it also highlights our continued commitment to investment and innovation in Ireland and Europe." Reports from the Microsoft support services also stated that .25 watts would be available for supporting power and cooling infrastructure, which would easily help Microsoft to move ahead of its counterparts in terms of efficiency. Google data centers by comparison have a PUE of between 1.08 and 1.18, and Facebook’s installation stands at around 1.07. It is thus clear that these varying efficiency levels in terms of PUE would reflect the types of hardware each of these companies buy, and how tightly integrated the facilities they comprise are.

These are some of the aspects of the latest strategies used by Microsoft to expand its services. For more information on the services, feel free to contact our Windows tech support team.
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