Microsoft Yet To Address Outlook.Com Outage Mess

Even after Microsoft released an official statement claiming that the recent problem with had been fixed, many users still continued to face issues. Honestly, I didn’t have any Outlook problems but I see many of my friends and colleagues complaining about the site going offline. It is quite disappointing that Microsoft has not yet given a proper reason for the outage yet. Even more disappointing is the irony in the statements issued by Microsoft on the dashboard.

The first statement, which was published on the dashboard, said "Fixing the problem is taking longer than we hoped. We'll provide an update by end of this week.” Folks who expected the update by the end of the week were shocked to realize that there were no updates, except an apology, “We apologize for the lengthy interruption in service."

Although the software giant didn’t come up yet giving a proper reason for the outage, a popular tech-based media was able to collect some information from Microsoft regarding the problem. It contacted the technical department at Microsoft, which investigated the problem. The following report has been issued to the media from Microsoft. "The ( issue has been resolved for the vast majority of our customers, but we are still working to restore full service in a few limited scenarios. We will provide more details and a post mortem soon, so that customers can learn what happened and how we resolved it."

Outage problem affects personal cloud services

Reports indicate that the outage issue is not only affecting the email service, but also most of the personal cloud services such as SkyDrive, contacts and the likes. Microsoft claims that it resolved the issues with SkyDrive and Contacts a few days ago, and it is working on the issue with that a limited number of users are facing.

Even after continuous requests from users, techies and experts from different places, Microsoft has chosen to keep the reason behind the outage secret. Some believe that Microsoft’s decision to keep the reason for the outage secret may be to prevent hackers from recognizing the loopholes. But there is no dearth for rumours in the tech world. A popular tech journal recently said recently that the frequent outage issues that facing could be because of the newly added features in As we are not sure of the reasons behind these Outlook problems, we don’t endorse such reports.
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