Procedure To Organize High Volumes Of Email In Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a powerful tool which allows you to organize your tasks, send/receive emails, schedule interviews, allocate jobs, etc. It is not just an email application; it is also a great personal information manager. It has a range of tools that helps your easily prioritize, organize and order email in Outlook. Rules, flags, folders and alerts can help you organize huge volumes of emails sent and received. So, it will surely help you truly experience the full caliber of Outlook if you learn how to use these tools. Here are the instructions to help you organize email in Outlook.

  • First, you need to decide what all folders you need to create. Now, the more emails you receive, the more folders you will need.
  • For creating folders, you can move the mouse cursor to where the folders are located, and then right click on Personal Folders. Then you need to choose New Folder from the menu. Type the name of the folder (the name you wish to keep), and click on the OK button.
  • If you have topics that are unrelated or uncommon, then you can name the folders as Miscellaneous. You can create many miscellaneous folders and place them beneath particular topics.
  • If you have four or five folders that you use frequently, copy them to the favorites section. All you have to do is drag the folder into the Favorite Folders section.
  • You need to filter the email messages as you receive them, or regularly. If there is an email message requiring feedback, then right click on it and choose the flag named Follow up from the option. This way, you will see that a copy of all flagged messages is automatically put in a folder called For Follow up. This makes it convenient for you to see the emails that are flagged for follow-up.
  • You can make use of the rules to automatically emails to particular folders or alert you when you receive a message. For creating a rule, you need to right click on an email/message and select Create Rule from the menu in order to set up this option.
Things to note

It is best if you keep your Inbox as empty or clean as possible. The moment you have read and followed up, put the emails in their respective folders.

You can add a new folder in case you start receiving a huge amount of email under a particular topic.

Yeah, this should help you manage your emails in a better and organized way.
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