AMD Decides Not To Support Windows 8.0 Running Gaming PCs

Playing computer games is one of the many reasons for people to buy a PC. However, to play games uninterruptedly, you need to make sure that you have a well configured system. Many go for AMD-powered gaming PCs as it is affordable. To play games like Watch Dogs, you need to have the latest Windows version. There are many reports indicating that users had trouble while playing Watch on the AMD powered game PC running Windows 8.

Why are some games not compatible on AMD gaming PCs running Windows 8?

Windows 8 is no more supported by the latest version of AMD’s Catalyst software 14.6. Even downloading the latest version of Windows 8 drivers won’t come to the rescue. However, there is nothing be worried about. Upgrading your AMD powered gaming PC to the latest version of Windows (Windows 8.1), you can overcome the issue. If you have a valid Windows 8 product key, you can upgrade to Windows 8.1 for free. Microsoft has availed Windows 8.1 update on Windows Store.

Meanwhile, AMD made it clear that it will no longer support Windows 8. The company said that it wanted to focus on the latest Windows version as most users are migrating to it from the older and controversial Windows 8.0 version. According to the company, providing support for Windows 8.0 is a more or less an unnecessary expenditure. Moreover, it is senseless that users have to download additional Windows 8 drivers manually.

Catalyst software not mandatory if the gaming PC has AMD graphics card

It has been reported that users who have installed AMD graphics cards in their AMD powered gaming PCs do not need to download and install the latest version of AMD’s Catalyst software. However, to play latest and high definition games like Watch Dogs in full graphical capacity and to ensure improved performance for the games, users are required to install the latest version of Catalyst software. Experts at AMD suggest that the installation of the latest version of Catalyst Software 14.6, and the performance of games like Watch Dog could be improved by 25 percent at 1080p.

Apparently, AMD’s decision to not support Windows 8 hasn’t caused any outcry from users as most of them are in the process of upgrading their PCs to Windows 8.1. As Windows 8.1 update is rolled out for free for all existing genuine Windows 8 users, the decision is certainly not going to affect any users.
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