Windows XP Still A Favorite Despite End Of Support

It has been three months since Microsoft cut Windows support for XP; but users still largely continue to retain its use on computers. XP-run systems currently form the second highest number of Windows desktop PCs.

It is anticipated that along the current trend, XP will retain its position in popularity for at least a few more months. Though the operating system might well remain on the internet for years afterwards. This projection comes from OS share tracking concerns, StatCounter and Net Applications.

The data analyzed by Net Applications spans internet browsing done using XP in the month of June, which almost predicts that XP will linger longer in the software arena than most other platforms. User shares for the 13-year-old OS have been falling by mere single percents since the month of February, but stayed consistent during May and June. On the other hand, Windows 7’s share is currently estimated at 50.55 percent, with the Windows 8 share holding just 12.54 percent.

XP’s share globally is placed at 16 percent, despite which it ranks second in place. Windows 8 meanwhile takes up a close 14 percent of the shares, and could oust XP out of second position sometime soon, probably the next few months. Windows 8 has already exceeded Windows XP’s share in the United States, with a 14.94 percent share compared to the latter’s 14.13 percent, as stated by StatCounter. However, inside the US market, Mac OS X lands second place, with computers running on the OS directing nearly 16 percent of the browsing traffic.

Interestingly, Mac OS X scores low on the global stage, managing just an 8.5 percent of StatCounter share and 6.5 percent of Net Applications share. The former analyses and tracks page views, while Net Applications checks shares on grounds of unique visitors mostly.

Windows XP has been receiving modified patches from third party sources, which Microsoft warns users against installing. Many XP users still have not upgraded to a newer OS, hoping instead to catch Microsoft’s Windows 9, which has a preview slated to release in January 2015. A major portion of user discontent revolves around new features in Windows 8, which failed to appeal to users of traditional desktop PCs.

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