Different Features Of Windows 8 Apps

Microsoft received a lot of flak for Windows 8 operating system because users believed that the user interface is unintuitive and complex. However, it is because you are used to the user interface in previous versions of Windows and the new interface throws you off course that you feel awkward. Once you actively forget what you knew and work on understanding the new interface, it appears to be simple and uncomplicated. Many Windows 8 problems reported by users were nothing but being unable to understand or use the available features
Windows 8 features a Metro style Start screen and different apps to manage your work. Although it might look unfamiliar in the beginning when you launch it, you will be able to work well once you understand all the different features of its Apps. Almost all Windows 8 apps include a certain set of features in common. These include commands, settings, and views and so on but they are hidden from the screen and you have to actively seek them. To display this list of options, you need to access the application bar (also called the app bar) which is present as a strip in the top of bottom part of the screen. A simple tap on the feature will help you with what you want to use.

Here’s how you can access the Application bar if you are using a touch-screen device:
  • Open the Windows 8 app of your choice.
  • Swipe to the bottom edge of the screen to display the app bar.
However, if you are unable to view the app bar at the bottom of the screen, you might see the apps on top instead. Certain apps even have two application bars.

Most App features are hidden away inside the Settings pane. The layout inside the Settings pane is non-standard and is specific to the application itself so you will have to navigate through them to find what you want. However, it usually includes commands for setting App preferences and other options. To view the Settings pane, swipe left from the right edge of the screen and then tap on Settings.

Apart from the Settings pane, another feature that certain Windows 8 apps support is a toolbar. They contain various buttons, lists and other items, which provide you easy access to commonly used app commands. To display the toolbar, repeat the same downward swipe you did to view the App bar. If you have any trouble using Windows 8 Apps or suffer from any other Windows 8 problems, do not hesitate to contact our technical support team.
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