Help to fix Update problems in Vista

Vista operating system has features to update automatically from the Microsoft servers. The updates fix Vista security issues, repair software and hardware issues and keep the computer at its best. Sometimes, Vista encounters issues with downloading certain update and installing them. In such cases, follow the steps given below in order to troubleshoot the Vista problems.

Fix Vista problems with updating the OS

·         Double-check your Internet connection. Windows Update can’t download or install updates if the computer is not connected to the internet. To ensure that you're connected, click your Network icon on your task bar. Check if the modem is on.

·         Check whether the computer is set to receive necessary updates. On your computer, Click the Start button and then into the search box, type "Windows Update". In the results box, click "Windows Update". Click "Change Settings" from the window that pops up on the left-hand column. You should have "Install updates automatically" selected under the header "Important Updates". If it is not selected, select this option and click "OK".

·         Ensure the Firewall is letting Windows to reach Update server. Turn firewall off and try to install the update. You’ll need to alter your firewall to give Windows Update permission to contact the servers if Firewall was the villain. Open firewall program and firewall settings. Find list of apps given permission through the firewall and select Add, and then add Windows Updater to the allowed list. Restart computer and try installing the update.

·         Check computer's free space Updates can’t install if there is not enough free space click "Start", go to "Computer." You can see the amount of space left in each drive there. Uninstall any unused programs, delete temporary files and empty your recycle bin to make space.

·         Accept the Microsoft Software License Terms. Click "Start", "All Programs" and navigating to that program. To see if they mention not being installed due to licensing terms, check the "Update Error Messages" display. For the updates with that message, Click "Try Again" and accept the license terms when prompted.

·         If the above solutions didn't work, Search Microsoft's website for error numbers. Check the error number in Windows Update if the update cannot be installed due to errors.
That’s how you troubleshoot the Vista problems with Updates, thank you!

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