Speeding Up Your Windows Vista PC

When your computer is filled to the brim with applications, softwares and data, the system is bound to slow down. A ton of applications and softwares will be present on the system that you might have never even used. Getting rid of such applications and softwares is the easiest way to make up some space on your hard disk and speed up your system. One of the main reasons for your system to slow down is due to applications that load during the startup.

By following the below provided Windows Vista help guidelines, you can easily speed up your PC.

  • The Start button has to be clicked and the Start menu will pop up. The Run command will be present and it has to be selected. In the field provided, you have to enter msconfig and the Ok button has to be clicked. 
  • Now the System Configuration window will appear. The tab titled Startup has to be selected, a list of programs will be present, and these programs are loaded when the computer starts. 
  • The programs that you do not require to load at startup have to be unchecked. The provision to disable all the programs is available. By disabling all the programs, the system will start but some applications may malfunction. 
  • Now the tab titled General has to be selected and the Selective Startup radio button has to be clicked. The programs that are check marked in the list will be loaded when Windows starts. 
  • Now the Apply option has to be clicked followed by the Ok button. Now a message will appear asking whether you would like to restart your computer now or later. Only after restarting, the changes that you have made will come into effect. 
  • After Windows has restarted, a message will appear on the screen saying that the system configuration has changed and the Ok button has to be selected in order to accept the changes. 
By following the Windows Vista help guidelines, you can easily speed up the system by disabling unwanted programs from loading at the startup. In addition, in order to free up some space on your PC, you can run the Disk Cleanup tool on the system. If you have any doubts in following the steps, you may contact the Microsoft help and support center for further assistance.
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